ABB Low Voltage Products celebrates 20 years of business in China

Beijing, China. ABB’s Low Voltage Products division, a business of the leading power and automatio more


Russia’s Far East occupies one-third of the country’s territory and accounts for more than nine more

BRICS nations launch new development bank

A new international development bank and multi-billion emergency lending pool are set to be launched more

Nissan sold in Russia 1 million cars

The Nissan in Russia broke the mark of 1 million vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) for more

Rolls Royce sales surge by 11 percent in China

Rolls Royce the luxury motor car manufacture just announced a sales increase in the leading Bric cou more

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Man Truck and Bus Buying out its Indian Partner

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The Truck and Bus company Man is buying out its Indian joint venture Partner Force Motors. MAN Truck and Bus AG of Germany makes Trucks and Buses with its Partner and this Partnership began in 2006. The value of the buyout is estimated at € 150 euros.The joint venture between Man and  Force Motors has not just been focusing on internal demand in India but the export market has been and stil

Bric Countries and Business Opportunities

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The Business World is fundamentally changing and no group of countries is changing faster then the Bric Region which represents the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Globalization is creating Opportunities faster then at any time since the industrial revolution for new business in and from the high growth emerging markets.The Bric region is growing at between 7 and 11+ %

Google, Baidu and Yandex Leading search to the Bric region

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With the growing wealth of consumers in the Bric countries search it fast becoming the main way companies are able to reach the ever growing demand in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India & China. Consumers are being lead by search and online advertising as the huge emerging middle class in the Bric's region use New Media as their favored destination to find the products and services they n

Coca-Cola Launches Largest Russian Plant in Rostov Region

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The Coca-Cola Company, a worldwide IOC partner, has opened its largest beverage plant in Russia in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The plant opening has created over 400 jobs and a project investment of over $120 million dollars. Coca-Cola is going to invest about $3 billion. The Russian economy in the next 5 years. The plant will supply all the Coca-Cola products for fans to enjoy at the Sochi 2014 Ol

Siemens in Joint Venture to Manufacture Gas Turbines in Russia

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Siemens has agreed a joint venture with Russian company Power Machines to manufacture High end Gas Turbines in St Petersburg Russia. Siemens will invest $ 950 million  dollars in the venture and will hold a 65% share, Power Machines will have a 25% stake.The new Siemens Gas Turbine venture will be manufacturing Turbines in Russia and also providing after sales services, research and developme

$ 5 Billion invested in Russia by the auto Industry

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 Foreign Auto manufacturers are investing over $5 billion dollars in the Russian automobile Industry. Russian Car sales for 2011 were up by 72%. The Largest investor in the Russian Auto Industry is Italian giant manufacturer Fiat investing over $1.1 billion which Fiat plans to invest in the expansion of a local automotive factory and the creation of a factory to produce the engines. US compan

Germany Invests in Russia's Future as one of the leading investors in this Bric country

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German companies are very active with investments in Russia and in fact Germany is only 2nd to Russia's Bric Partner China as the largest invested in Russia, China has been Russia's largest trade partner for the last 2 years. It's expected that investment in Russia will be back up to the record levels that were invested by German companies in 2008. German companies are showing more confidence in f

Bric Countries offer growth for mobile operators

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The Brics countries offer some of worlds best growth opportunities for the worlds mobile phone operators and as a region the Bric group of Brazil. Russia, India, China and South Africa are due to overtake the US market in terms of mobile phone revenue by 2012. To demonstrate the rapid growth of Mobile revenue markets in the Bric region the market was worth $130 billion in 2008 and by 2010 it was w

Ferrari opens first dealership in India

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Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari opened its first dealership in India in the spring of 2011 the dealership is located in New Delhi. Ferrari is getting constant enquires and is expect sales to reach double figures by the end of 2011 and by 2014 it expects to be selling at least 100 cars per year.

Adidas expects good profits for 2012 and China and Russia to be key markets for growth

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Adidas CEO  Mr Herbert Hainer expects a 50% increase in sales by 2015 and 50% of this increase to come from China, Russia and North America. Adidas expects these 3 countries to be the driver of growth over the next 3 years. During the first 9 months of 2011 North America grew by 14%, China 28% and Russia by 31%  and in Other Bric countries such as Brazil there is expected to be excellent

Pharmaceutical, Medicine and Healthcare market in China

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There has been a shift in focus of Pharmaceutical companies in emerging markets and China is considered to be the market with the best potential. In the bric group and other emerging markets China is the largest by sales volume. With growth fairly flat in more established markets the Bric's Countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are becoming key growth markets of large and medi

India is looking to invest in its Electronics and ICT Industry’s

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In recent years India has seen a decline in its Electronics and ICT Technology manufacturing industry but it must invest now to become a net exporter so to balance its trade deficit in Electronics and ICT Technology. It's estimated that with the current trends if India does not start Manufacture more Electronics and ICT Technology then by 2020 it will spend more on importing this Technology then i

SAP to invest US$2 billion in China expansion

German Software Giant SAP to invest US$2 billion in China over the next 4 years and plans to over double its work force. SAP is the worlds leading maker of Business management Software and see's China as key to reaching its target of reaching of revenues of over 20 billion euros by 2020 from its 2010 turnover of 12.5 billion euros. It's estimated that China accounts for about 10% of SAP revenues a

The growth of the ICT Industry in the Brics

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In the last 4 years the growth of the ICT Industry in the Bric region has become the fastest growing ICT market in the world. All the major technology companies having been paying close attention to the Bric region as they look to grow in emerging markets as they see growth in the G7 countries decline.The Bric countries are mostly engaged in 2nd generation technology infrastructure development and

Bric Countries and Business Opportunities

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The Business World is fundamentally changing and no group of countries is changing faster than the Bric Region which represents the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Globalization is creating Opportunities faster then at any time since the industrial revolution for new business in and from the high growth emerging markets.The Bric region is growing at between 7 and 11+ %

Timber Industrial News in the Bric Region

Sonae-Group Expands MDF-Capacity in South Africa Sonae Indústria plans to expand its MDF capacity in South Africa. As the two CEOs, Rui Correia and João Paulo Pinto, announced earlier this week, the company has initiated investments to expand MDF-production in this "promising market" by 50% until the middle of next year. Brazilian exports of tropical sawnwood fall in first nine months

South African Oil Industry continuing the intense growth

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High Oil and Gas prices are continuing the intense growth in the South African Oil and Gas Industry and therefore creating a big demand for Oil and Gas Technology and the associated industry of servicing such as maintenance and repair.  The main Oil and Gas fields are off the coast of West Africa and as a result South African Oil and Gas equipment and technology providers are working overtime

Bric and Civets countries lead the world for steel consumption

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The Bric Counties Brazil, Russia, India, and China and the Civets nations  of Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa are the leading destinations for steel growth and the manufacture of steel related products and steel technology . With the fall in demand for Steel in the US and Europe and the continued slow down in Eastern European steel consumption the Bric group and C

GlaxoSmithkline will enter into partnership with Russian leading Pharmaceutical manufacturer Binofarm.

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Binofarm will enter into a joint venture with GlaxoSmithkline for the production of innovative vaccines in Russia.  GlaxoSmithkline states that's its mission is to find solutions to many varied unmet health care needs in the world . With this joint venture and  GlaxoSmithkline innovative research in the discovery of new more effective medicines and vaccines then this  Partnership wi

Brazil is the 2nd Fastest going economy in the Bric group

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It's only now that Brazil was starting to realise its economic potential as in the past it's been very much a sleeping giant. Brazil is the 2nd fastest growing economy in the Bric group of country's which are Russia, India, China and South Africa. Brazil is the 10th Largest economy in the world with a GDP of US$ 1.78 Trillion. In 2009 Brazil had a population of 192 million people which is the 5th

Russia Ready to Invest in its Oil and Gas Infrastructure

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Russia one of the worlds leading Oil and Gas exporter and its looking to invest in its industry to improve its capabilities to exact its Oil and Gas resources. It's estimated that Russia has used about 50% of its known Oil and Gas reserves and now it's looking to attract investment to modernize its exploration infrastructure. The Global energy market is rapidly changing greater due to economic gro

The Gravity of the worlds Money has shifted to the Bric region

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With the established G7 counties still struggling for growth the Bric countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China represent opportunities for investment and profits. BricPartner states that 15 years ago the emerging countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China were debtors but now they have shifted to creditors of the world economy. The Bric region is where the gravity of the world’s money

Bric Region – Can you see the opportunities

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Bric Region – Can you see the opportunities. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa account for two thirds of the worlds current economic growth today. Some key points that need to be considered.* Brazil is the worlds fastest commercial real estate market.* Moscow has more Billionaires then New York and London combined.* Ten Years ago India had one shopping mall now one opens every two we

7 Billion Dollar Luxury Goods market in China

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The Luxury goods market in China is worth over 7 Billion US Dollars in Sales . China is the 2nd Largest market in the world for Luxury Brands and its estimated it will become the number 1 Luxury goods market in 2015. The government in China is looking at changing the taxing of Luxury goods in China as many Chinese people travel aboard to purchase their luxury goods and it's estimated that Locals s

Growing Consumer markets in the BRIC region and the rise of the middle class .

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Not only are the Bric countries leading the world in manufacturing but they are growing markets for consumer goods.The rapid economic growth and demographics of China, Russia, India and China are creating huge growth opportunities for leading brands of consumer goods. The Bric region has the worlds fastest growth in US$ Millionaires which greatly influences the very top end of high ticket worth pu

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